Silvia Moreno-Garcia | World Fantasy Shalalala
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World Fantasy Shalalala

The anthology I co-edited with Paula R. Stiles, She Walks in Shadows, is now nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

In addition to that, Signal to Noise is a finalist for the Canadian Sunburst Award, competing in the novel category. Oh, and it is also nominated for the Aurora and British Fantasy Awards, though it didn’t win a Locus (booo).

I’ve revamped my Patreon. Instead of offering short fiction to backers I am now offering chapters of upcoming novels and work-in-progress notes. If you want to see what I am up to before anyone else, you should support me. As I say in Patreon, I don’t like series (I enjoy writing stand-alones) and I like switching genres and categories often. My first novel has been called YA and magic realism, the second one is billed as a neo-noir. My third book will be a romance set in a world inspired by the Belle Epoque. I have ideas for a Mexican space opera, a horror novel set in New England, a crime novel with no speculative elements, and a drama about a parent-child duo of con artists.

The switching of categories, along with the fact I have no interest in long sagas, means it is harder to make money with my writing. Thus, any little bit extra helps keep me writing.

Anyway, October is still far off, but not too far off that you shouldn’t be pre-ordering Certain Dark Things, my book about vampires facing off in Mexico City. Please add it to Goodreads, too.

Thank you so much everyone!