Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Women Who Write Lovecraft
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Women Who Write Lovecraft

Here’s a handy list of Women Who Write Lovecraft. The reasons behind this: an editor said there are very few women who write Lovecraft.

My criteria: has published 2 or more short stories or novels that could be considered Lovecraftian.

Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan: Probably the most famous Lovecraftian writer on this list, she is one of the best authors of Weird fiction nowadays. Notable example: Daughter of Hounds.

Ann K. Schwader: I’m more familiar with her as a poet, but she also writes short fiction. Notable example: Twisted in Dream: The Collected Weird Poetry of Ann K. Schwader

Gemma Files: A Canadian writer of all things fantastic, including horror. Notable example: The upcoming Lovecraft’s Monsters edited by Datlow contains two of her stories poems.

Elizabeth Bear: This award-winning writer’s  second short-story collection is tellingly titled Shoggoths in Bloom (October 2012, Prime Books). Notable example: “Shoggoths” won a Hugo in 2009.

Molly Tanzer: A short story writer who has written two interesting collections of Weird fiction, with several stories inspired by Lovecraft’s work. Notable example: “Herbert West in Love” is a story you can read free online.

E. Catherine Tobler: One of my favorite writers, she has appeared in a bunch of anthologies I have edited. Notable example: “If Only to Taste Her Again,” Historical Lovecraft, Innsmouth Free Press. Linking to it because it is free online.

Livia Llewellyn: A writer of horror, dark fantasy and erotica. Her fiction has been collected in Engines of Desire. Notable example: Engines. She also has fiction in the anthology The Book of Cthulhu.

Bonus round: C.L. Moore with “Shambleau” as a notable example.

There are more women (and yeah, I’ve written some Lovecraftiana too). This is just a quick sample list.