Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Welcome to Blerd City
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Welcome to Blerd City

I went to Blerd City Con and all I got was… this wonderful sense of community? Heh. Really, it was a very nice crowd.  And if you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about this was a new convention, held in DUMBO, Brooklyn, focused on black pop culture.

I had never been to a convention where the attendees were not 90% or more white and I was the lone minority. It sure was different! The convention was small and new, and I hope it’s held again next year. I think it had a lot of heart and it was obvious it was a very important event for the black fans in the city.

Thanks to Clairesa Clay for organizing this and to Sheree Renée Thomas for thinking of me. Also thanks to Adanze Asante, Teri Clarke, Linda D Addison (pictured above with me, left to right) and Liza Jessie Peterson, who were all part of my panel.

Conventions are very hard work and there’s always room for improvement, but I think this convention has the right idea. Also: if I told you I was interested in seeing your work in the submissions pile at The Dark, I meant it. And if I didn’t say it because we didn’t get a chance to talk, did you know I co-edit at The Dark? If you were at the con and your interest is not in short fiction and/or if you have questions about other stuff (editing, writing novels, getting an agent) you can contact me via social media or the e-mail under About Me, by the way.