Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Vampires and more
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Vampires and more

Quick reminder: She Walks in Shadows, the first all-woman Lovecrafty antho is on pre-sale in print and also for the Kindle and Smashwords.

So some of you already know this but a few weeks ago Thomas Dunne Books bought my next two books, two stand-alone titles: Young Blood and Proper People. Publishers Marketplace announced it thus:

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s YOUNG BLOOD, about a garbage-picking homeless teen in Mexico City who falls for a vampire and gets caught up in a huge mess involving warring families of narcovampires, who are technically all banned from the city, in a two-book deal with the historical fantasy PROPER PEOPLE, to Quressa Robinson at Thomas Dunne Books, at auction, by Eddie Schneider at JABberwocky Literary Agency (NA).

Young Blood is a book I started working on a while back but which took final shape only recently. At any rate, if you are interested in receiving news (rather sporadic) about these upcoming titles and any other stuff I may have cooking you can leave me your contact info here.

Here’s my Pinterest board for Young Blood.

Pic above: Flickr, CC, Fenris Oswin.