Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Third Update on an Indigenous Prize
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Third Update on an Indigenous Prize

I just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s been going on concerning the topic of funding an Emerging Indigenous Voices Award. Previous posts are here and here.

  • My supporters should funnel all pledges to this IndieGoGo, run by Robin Parker. Parker will make all the funds available to an Indigenous organization which has been in touch with both of us. We are talking behind the scenes and I thought the best thing was to pool the money together and direct my pledges to that one pile. For one, it makes distribution simpler. For another, tracking is easier that way and less confusing (having a second IndieGoGo at the same time would have been odd).
  • The Indigenous organization in question will reveal details about how the money will be handled once some logistics are determined, but they are a trustworthy group so don’t be afraid, the money will reach a good place.
  • There are many other place you could support:  Indian and Cowboy, Red Rising Magazine. There’s the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, and last but not least Full Circle, which supports the development of Indigenous playwrights.
  • There are other ways to support Indigenous creators. Read, share and discuss their books. This should not be a one-time occurrence, guilt should not be the vector that guides your actions, virtue-signaling should not be your driver.
  • If you are an Indigenous creator I realize that money is not the only solution to the issue of exposure and building a literary career, and rest assured the Indigenous organization we are speaking with is considering other aspects of possible support.
  • Be patient everyone. Things are slowly coming together and there will be more details later.

    PS: Here’s an update.