Silvia Moreno-Garcia | The Lovecraft Head
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The Lovecraft Head

Lovecraft rears his head…again. Literally.

So a few years back there was some talk about how we should change the Lovecraft Head, that is, the World Fantasy Award into something else. Because, you know, Lovecraft was a wee bit racist. Now there is a petition asking that the award be changed into an Octavia Butler head.

While I think that people probably like Butler a lot more than they like Lovecraft, could we change it but NOT have anyone’s head? Not Tolkien’s head or Butler’s head or any other person’s head. The World Fantasy Award should be about the world and making it literally the face of any one American writer does not make me happy.

When we talked about this there were several ideas I liked. A chimera is the one that stuck with me, but it could be something more abstract. The Stoker Award is a haunted house, the Hugo Award is a rocket and the Nebula looks like cool space stuff. The Lovecraft Head has been the odd duck for a while.

Since a lot of people don’t like the old Lovecraft Head I think the petition is a good sign, it shows that it is worth revisiting the award. But…

Please. Just down with the heads.