Silvia Moreno-Garcia | That One Time I Sold a Book
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That One Time I Sold a Book

Though it has been in the works for several months, it has only become official today: Solaris has acquired my debut novel. It’s a literary fantasy about magic, music and Mexico City, with the action split between the 1980s and the 2000s. I wrote it under the title Sound Fidelity, though that will likely change as the publisher believes it sounds a bit too close to High Fidelity.  Lately I’ve taken to call it Signal to Noise, but if you have any great ideas for titles, let me know!

Big thank to Solaris and Jonathan Oliver. Also thanks to my agent Eddie Schneider of JABberwocky Literary Agency. Thanks to my husband, the kids, my parents, my friends (special shout out to Lavie Tidhar).

I’ll write a bit more about this later, but when I heard someone got a book deal I always wondered HOW DID THEY DO IT?! and then proceed to flail around the floor, foam coming out of my mouth as I was possessed with jealousy. As the years have gone by, I’ve figured out there is actually no one way to do it. There is no universal solution to writing a story or selling a book. I took what is probably a very different approach from what people recommend in books because I didn’t have an agent when Solaris read the book, so it wasn’t subbed through JABberwocky Literary Agency. So those things they tell you about pitch letters and the like? I didn’t do it. I also don’t attend very many fantasy conventions or try to “network” avidly.

Anyway, after Solaris expressed an interest in the book a few months back I did sign with an agency, JABberwocky Literary. I did it because of the money, sure, (agents take a cut but they know how to negotiate good deals), but also because I know I can’t do everything on my own. I need a partner in crime, my agent. I don’t know about other people, but I view this as a long-term relationship (it’s a bizarre sort of long-distance marriage, in many ways) and I wanted a relationship with someone I trust and like. I won’t discuss of all the specifics of why I liked Eddie as an agent now, but one of the things that attracted me to him was that he was explicit in his webpage about seeking “queries by persons, or featuring protagonists, of any race, color, creed, religion, national citizenship/origin, gender or sexual orientation, disability, age, or physical appearance.” This along with other factors made me think he was the right agent for me.

Anyway, my novel is a *lot* about music so I put together a playlist on YouTube with music that is mentioned in the book.