Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Strange Days
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Strange Days

strangedaysDuring 2014 I joined Patreon as an experiment, to see if I could generate some income by writing flash fiction and engaging in some exploratory writing. Currently I make $121 a month from supporters. A few weeks back I was part of  a Facebook discussion where someone said people who use Patreon are “whores.” And then there was the recent Kickstarter by Stacey Jay which ruffled some feathers.

Today I’m not going to go into details of what happened with that Kickstarter and I’m also not going to recap the Patreon discussion I mentioned. I will, however, answer the question of what you would have received in 2014 if you had supported me. The answer is a bunch of flash fiction and a couple of short stories posted during the year. The bulk of it is being made into an e-book I will send to my backers. This mini-collection (I don’t know what else to call it) is tentatively titled Strange Days. This is almost the final cover (the art is by that famous biologist Ernst Haeckel).

One of the questions that I saw during the Stacey Jay debacle (and similar points have been brought up in Patreon discussions), I’m copy pasting this:

“Why should anyone pay Author X to do something millions of others are doing for free?”

My answer is: because you get something from me. In this case you get an e-book of Strange Days. But what you really get is stories I wouldn’t have written otherwise.

So without rehashing the whole art and money bit, this is the ‘tangible’ object (kinda, it’s an e-book) that resulted from my time on Patreon in 2014. I wouldn’t have written this without the support of my backers.

As for the rest of my life: there are several new reviews of my debut novel Signal to Noise floating around including one that says Magic and music meet in this must-read novel. Please buy it, ask your library to buy it, tell people about it, etc. And thanks for the support Dear Reader.