Silvia Moreno-Garcia | State of 2013
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State of 2013

Review copies of everything I mention here are available, barring my first novel.

This was a busy year for me. So.Damn.Busy. The biggest news was this: I sold a novel to Solaris. Signal to Noise will come out in 2015. The publisher says:

Signal to Noise is a literary fantasy novel set against the background of Mexico City, ones of the world’s biggest cities and a unique setting for a story about the very real magic of music.

The other big ticket item was the publication of my debut collection This Strange Way of Dying.

I also published a lot of short fiction. Of all the stories I was most enamored with “Variations of Figures Upon the Wall” (Where thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Poe, July 2013) and “The Sea, Like Glass Unbroken” (Whispers From The Abyss, October 2013). I doubt almost anyone read them, but there.

I self-published a mini-collection of my secondary world fantasies called Other Lives.

I also edited my first solo anthology: Dead North is a zombie antho, all set in Canada. It has gotten good reviews.

For Innsmouth Free Press, we put out three issues of Innsmouth Magazine, including the first issue in print. We also released a poetry collection, Demonstra, by Bryan Thao Worra. We’ve also made some progress on Sword and Mythos, which has been moved to 2014 for its release, and will proceed to work on the other pending projects.

I was sick at the beginning of the year. I started a Master’s degree in September. I also worked on what will be my second novel now that Signal to Noise has sold: Young Blood.

The future will probably bring less short fiction, more novels, and a bit of editing.

And that was 2013. Here’s to 2014.