Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Squid! Squid! Squid!
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Squid! Squid! Squid!

We have a week left to fund She Walks In Shadows, the first all-woman Lovecraft anthology. Cthulhu, as drawn by Cindy Lewis, wants you to read it. Please, spread the word.

Talking about Lovecraft, I went to Toronto and spoke about V.C. Andrews and Lovecraft. Because, why not? Anyway, thank you for everyone that funded me and allowed me to fly there! I wouldn’t have been able to speak in Toronto if it hadn’t been for you. I was also able to make it to two readings: the CatSass Literary Night and the Rowers Pub Reading Series. A big thanks for those of you who braved the cold in order to hear me read.

If you missed my exciting presentation here are my slides and here is the text of the presentation.

We have been hard at work and the PDF proofs of the anthology Sword and Mythos have gone out to the authors. The book will be on sale this May, with a pre-sale in April.

Thank you for supporting Weird fiction, everyone!