Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Signal to Noise: Fern
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Signal to Noise: Fern

This won’t make sense if you haven’t read Signal to Noise. Also, no, there won’t be a sequel. But look for my second novel Certain Dark Things next year!


They almost broke up one year into the whole thing, when he brought a cat into the apartment without asking her and when she got home it was eating the fern. Her fern. Svend. She yelled at him about being inconsiderate and an idiot, and he yelled back. The words insufferable and asshole were liberally exchanged. She slammed the door and walked out and it was snowing very hard, and she had only taken a light coat, but she walked out anyway, fuming, walked around the block. By the time she slipped under the covers her feet were icy cold and he was sleeping on the far end of the bed, with enough space for a third person between them. She didn’t see him in the morning because he got up early and got out of the apartment and she was angry well into the afternoon, but when he got home she hugged him. He hugged her back. The cat is fat now because she overfeeds it. It sometimes chews the ferns, even though she’s sprayed it with a water bottle a lot of times, and they still fight sometimes, too, because their tempers are still what they are. But the fights are scarcer now, there is a rhythm to their life, a beat they follow, and they’re pretty good at dancing to it. She doesn’t say she loves him all the time, with the ease of other people who buy each other chocolates and valentines, but once in a while she whispers “I kind of like you, baby.” And he knows it’s a line from the video of “Oh Sherrie,” which is a bit of a cop out, but she follows through with a kiss and he just tells her “du betyr så mye for meg.”