Silvia Moreno-Garcia | People Person
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People Person

I’ve never been a people person. I hate most people and can’t understand the rest. I’m naturally shy. I perfected the art of standing in a corner and having a drink by myself at a party a long time ago. This explains my non-existent romantic life when I was a teenager.

It also makes it hard to acquire new friends because I can be like this:

So it was a weird month because I hung out with people. I was at Portland for the World Horror Convention, which was disorganized and not that great in terms of programming, but a total blast anyway because I was staying at artist Lee Moyer and Venetia Charles’s (you must visit and check out the pictures there) place together with GMB Chomichuk (artist, writer and a fucking flâneur in the 21st century if I’ve ever seen one), Chadwick Ginther (Canadian award-winning author), and Ann Aguirre (best-selling author who also happens to tell the most interesting anecdotes). We chatted a lot and ate donuts and then I was very sad when they left.

Before leaving Portland I spent one evening at the home of writers and editors Claude Lalumière and Alex C. Renwick. We went for dinner with Colleen Anderson, another writer and editor. Although Colleen and I both live in Vancouver, we don’t get to see each other that often, so it was funny that we met twice in one week in different cities.

After Portland I came back to Vancouver for a couple of days and then flew to Winnipeg to meet up with Chadwick Ginther and GMB Chomichuk, who both live in Winnipeg and were attending KeyCon. I was Guest Editor at KeyCon and between panels we had time to chat, joke and meet up with S.M. Beiko and Clare Marshall for a screening of Godzilla. I also reunited with Code Skillen, who I met via GMB the previous year. In Portland there had been almost no people at the official dance and in Winnipeg there were a lot more, but the music choices were equally awkward at both places. Slow dancing in the first fifteen minutes? I need more booze before I consider molesting my companion.

Despite this, yes, I did dance, which is great. I wore all my fancy dresses and even had super-fancy-heavy makeup on Saturday, although then I read a study that men don’t like women who wear a lot of makeup. Cosmo has lied to me. Meh.

Godzilla was alright and GMB made people in the theater yell GODZILLA when the monster first came on screen.

Sunday was more relaxed because I only had two panels. I thought nobody would show up for the one where it was me alone, but people did. We had closing ceremonies and after that Chadwick and Code and me went to buy a pack of cards and some soda so we could mix drinks and play cards before dinner. The dinner was the official closing dinner and it was okay, but we left a bit early because we wanted to visit the 15th floor and party. On the 15th floor someone approached Chad thinking he was a drug dealer and might have some pot for sale. We moved to another party room later on and wound up on some comfy couches. There was a weird red moon over Winnipeg. Code tried taking a picture of it with his phone, but the resulting image wasn’t very good. In the morning Chadwick and his girlfriend drove me to the airport, concluding my Winnipeg stay.

I still don’t like most people. But I like these folks.