Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Of Women and Squids
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Of Women and Squids

I’m going to work on a new anthology in 2015.

But first, a story. Yesterday a question popped up in the Lovecraft Eternal Facebook group.

Is appreciation of Lovecraft and the Mythos a Guy Thing, like the Three Stooges? This came up on Fictionmags and no one seemed to believe me, but a survey of Lovecraft journals and Lovecraftian anthologies seems to bear this out. There are some ladies in the field, but not a lot. I note that when I edited CTHULHU’S REIGN I had all male contributors (because my female regulars all turned me down) but when I did FULL MOON CITY (urban werewolves) it came out at 6 male, 7 female contributors. I was not paying attention to gender balance in either case, so I wonder what factors are really at play here. Does Lovecraft fail to appeal to women because of a paucity of female characters? Or do girls just not like to play with squids?

The following thread was a sad, depressing series of comments in which it became obvious some people couldn’t name more than 2 female writers who have written Lovecraftian stories. It did, however, prompt me to ask some female writers if they’d like to tackle a Lovecraftian story.

Who is in? So far…

  • Angela Slatter  writing Lavinia Whateley (“The Dunwich Horror”)

  • Gemma Files writing Marceline (“Medusa’s Coil”)

  • Nadia Bulkin writing Nabby Gardner (“The Colour Out of Space”)

  • Lyndsey Bishop writing Keziah Mason (“Dreams in the Witch House”)

  • Arinn Dembo writing the Ape Princess (“Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”)

  • Cynthia Ward writing Mother Hydra (“Dagon” and “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”)

  • E. Catherine Tobler writing Lady Margaret Trevor (“The Rats in Walls”)

  • Wendy Wagner writing Nitocris (“The Outsider” and “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs”.)

  • Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas writing T’la-yub (“The Mound”)

  • Carrie Cuinn writing Anna Tilton (“The Shadow Over Innsmouth”)

  • Molly Tanzer writing Asenath Waite (“The Thing on the Doorstep”)

I’m talking to Bee Sriduangkaew and Sharon Mock today. They might also join the project. If so, that’s 13 women who have put their name in the ring. SEE UPDATES AT BOTTOM

Title for now: She Walks in Shadows, although Arinn Dembo said I need a dumber title. 😛

When: 2015. I’m kind of busy this year!

How: I might Kickstart it. If you are a wealthy patron of the arts, publisher, you won the lottery or the like, you can contact me or PayPal me at I’ll be needing cash, for sure. But that can be a concern for…later.

Why: I’m letting people know about this publicly because it started as a Facebook conversation but I am now getting e-mails about it, people asking what’s going on, etc. Suffice to say not much is going on right now, very preliminary stages. If you want to help stay tuned.

Update: Confirmed: S.J. Chambers to tackle Eunice Babson mentioned in “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and Shub-Niggurath will be the focus of Sharon Mock. Awaiting a few more writers. I’m going to beg people not to contact me about writing for the project at this point as there are a *lot* of people e-mailing me and messaging me. But it’s nice to see you care!