Silvia Moreno-Garcia | My 2016 in Brief
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Copper Cylinder Award

My 2016 in Brief

  • I won a Copper Cylinder Award (that is the copper cylinder in the photo) for my debut novel Signal to Noise, which was also nominated for the British Fantasy, Locus, Aurora and Sunburst awards.
  • Paula R. Stiles and I won a World Fantasy Award for our work on the anthology She Walks in Shadows.
  • My second novel, Certain Dark Things (narco vampires collide in Mexico City) was released in October. It was selected as one of NPR’s best books of 2016, among other notable lists.
  • Lavie Tidhar and I launched The Jewish Mexican Literary Review.
  • I guest-edited an issue of Nightmare Magazine.
  • I joined The Dark as a co-editor.

For 2017 I will…

  • Release my third novel, The Beautiful Ones.
  • Continue working on The Jewish Mexican Literary Review and The Dark.