Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Mexican Science Fiction
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Mexican Science Fiction

I normally don’t write in Spanish, but a while back Federico Schaffler told me he was putting together a Mexican science fiction anthology and asked me if I’d translate a story for it. I translated “Kaleidoscope” (AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, January 2014) and that story now appears in Spanish in Teknochtitlán, which collects Mexican science fiction. You can download a copy for free, it is, like most Latin American publishing efforts of spec literature, a project paid for by a university or arts council. In this case, the Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes. This is because commercial spec fiction in Mexico and Latin America is basically non-existent. There’s no money in it, kids. At least for the locals (stuff is translated).

In other news, Signal to Noise is a finalist for a Locus Award. If only someone would buy audio or foreign rights, hint, hint.

My second novel, Certain Dark Things, about vampires in Mexico, is out this October. I’m told copies should be up on Net Galley in June.

Image above: Eric Fischer.