Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Making Nickronomicon Sausage
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Making Nickronomicon Sausage

You’ve never asked, but I’m going to tell you how we made the cover for our latest book, The Nickronomicon. Which is on pre-sale. Hint, hint.

First of all we started by picking the artist. It was Oliver Wetter, who had done two covers for us (Fungi, Innsmouth Magazine 14).

Oliver is efficient, produces detailed sketches, and communicates often with us. These are all good qualities for an artist. After a short e-mail exchange with the author of the collection (Nick Mamatas) discussing some ideas for the cover we contacted Oliver and sent him a brief. In short, we wanted a weird, disturbing woman holding a book.

Oliver produced some sketches for us.

Oliver Wetter. Sketches.

Oliver Wetter. Sketches.

There was some back and forth talk. We didn’t like that the woman seemed a bit too buxom and sexy in some of the sketches, but we did like the vibe of the images. We picked a pose and Oliver worked on another sketch. We were hoping he could incorporate some of the lace detail in pose 6 into the final illustration.


At this point we were almost done! The woman is in the right pose and the lace detail has been added. Oliver then began to colour the image. We decided on a red and gold palette.

Oliver Wetter.

Oliver Wetter.

The image used for the cover was coloured. Smaller details were added. Note, for example, the tiles behind the figure as well as the swirling “dust” coming out of the book.

For the cover we decided to use an ornate serif font which would evoke the feel of an occult book. The final result can be seen below. The book collects 13 Lovecraftian stories by Nick Mamatas, including a brand new tale called “On the Occasion of My Retirement.” There is an introduction by Orrin Grey and interior illustrations by GMB Chomichuk.