Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Love and Other Poisons
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Love and Other Poisons

This year I have been very lucky. Not only did fans and friends band together recently to fly me to Toronto, but they also got together to back up the writing of a novel of mine, YOUNG BLOOD, during the summer.

Below is a recent update I posted to IndieGoGo regarding the YOUNG BLOOD campaign:

Well, it’s December. When I ran this IndieGoGo my life was very different. I had managed to clobber together SIGNAL TO NOISE, a novel, but no agent was interested in it. I put SIGNAL TO NOISE away, declared it a failure, and decided to write something else. That something else was YOUNG BLOOD, but the year was looking like a tough one economically. My Canada Arts Grant application had been denied. I needed money and that meant I was going to be freelancing during the summer instead of writing. YOUNG BLOOD would have to wait. It might never take place.

And then something strange happened. First, the IndieGoGo was funded, allowing me to spend a good chunk of my summer and fall focused on YOUNG BLOOD.

Then something even stranger took place. Although I had no agent, a publisher got his hands on SIGNAL TO NOISE. He bought the book. Suddenly I had a contract with Solaris and I had acquired an agent. Other things fell into place.

I am in a different, better place this December. I have actually completed the draft for YOUNG BLOOD. When I first set out to publish this novel I thought I’d have to publish it myself. I find myself in another situation now: my agent thinks it can sell to a commercial publisher. So you won’t be getting YOUNG BLOOD in 2014, as I’d thought. You did fund the novel so I vow to get copies of it once the book is in print (digital or print, depending on what you backed).

However, I know that you did expect something out of this. I am happy to report that I have commissioned artwork for t-shirts and mugs, for those who backed me and got these rewards. I’ll be able to show it to you in a few weeks.

For everyone who backed me: I  will send you a digital copy of LOVE AND OTHER POISONS. This is a collection of short stories, some new and others unpublished, that I am putting together. Those who backed me at the $100 level: I’ll send you print copies of LOVE AND OTHER POISONS.

I hope you are not too disappointed and like I’ve said, I will get copies of YOUNG BLOOD into your hands at some point in the future, but right now I think that timeline looks a bit distant and I did not want to leave you empty-handed for 2014. Hence LOVE AND OTHER POISONS.

The cover is ready and I expect I’ll be able to deliver this short story collection in August of 2014, at the latest.

I hope you don’t hate me too much for this!

Love And No Poison,


There is little else I can say but thank you. This started as a rather wretched year but it has ended beautifully. I am thankful to too many people to name individually, but rest assured that your generosity and your kindness, your capacity to listen to me rant and complain, and your constant presence are appreciated.

To 2014. May the squid gods treat you kindly.