Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Latin Americans in English Language Spec Lit: 2018
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This list is intended to track all short fiction and novels published during 2018 only (please don’t enter anything from previous years) in English-language speculative markets by Latin American authors.

For the purpose of this list speculative is defined as: fantasy, horror, science fiction and/or magic realism.

This list is for any Latin American authors including: people born and raised in Latin America but now living in another part of the world, people with Latin American parents or heritage, people who identify with the terms Latinx, Chicano or Chicana, etc.

Please use the search function to see if we already have the title. Do not duplicate info.

Fill out the form hereIt may take a few minutes for your addition to show up (you may have to clear your cache, but rest assured, we have the info and it will eventually display). If you enter works which were not published in 2018 they will be deleted.

View results below. A list for 2017 is here.

What type of publisher is this?
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Released as
Date published
Link to book/story if available
1/3/2018 14:53:57K. Arsenault RiveraThe Phoenix EmpressNovel (40,000 and over)TorLarge pressFantasyYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Audio8/28/2018
1/3/2018 15:12:49Zoraida Córdova Bruja BornNovel (40,000 and over) Sourcebooks FireLarge pressFantasy, YAYesElectronic or e-book, Print (paperback)6/5/2018
1/3/2018 16:30:21José Pablo IriarteA Mile In His CleatsShort story (1 to 7,500 words)Spaceports and Spidersilk MagazineSmall press/indieFantasy, Children'sNoElectronic or e-book1/2/2018
1/3/2018 16:33:03José Pablo IriarteThe Substance of My Lives, The Accidents of Our BirthsNovelette (7,500 to 17,500 words)Lightspeed MagazineSmall press/indieFantasyNoElectronic or e-book, Audio1/1/2018
1/4/2018 0:07:52A. Lee MartinezConstance Verity Saves the WorldNovel (40,000 and over)Simon & Schuster Large pressFantasy, Science FictionYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Audio7/17/2018
1/4/2018 10:43:18David BowlesThe Hidden City Novel (40,000 and over)IFWG PublishingSmall press/indieFantasy, Middle GradeYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)6/1/2018
1/4/2018 10:46:40Anna MerianoLove, Sugar, Magic: A Dash of TroubleNovel (40,000 and over)Walden Pond Press (HarperCollins)Large pressFantasy, Middle GradeYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)1/2/2018
1/4/2018 10:48:47Courtney AlamedaPitch DarkNovel (40,000 and over)Feiwel & Friends (MacMillan)Large pressScience Fiction, YANoElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)2/20/2018
1/4/2018 10:52:33Amy TinteraAlliedNovel (40,000 and over)HarperTeenLarge pressFantasy, YAYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)5/1/2018
1/4/2018 11:00:58Lilliam RiveraDealing in DreamsNovel (40,000 and over)Simon & Schuster Books for Young ReadersLarge pressScience Fiction, YANoElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)8/21/2018
1/4/2018 11:11:17Jennifer CervantesThe Storm RunnerNovel (40,000 and over)Disney HyperionLarge pressFantasy, Middle GradeYesElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)9/18/2018
1/4/2018 11:18:39Anna-Marie McLemoreBlanca & RojaNovel (40,000 and over)Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan)Large pressMagic Realism, YANoElectronic or e-book, Print (hardcover), Print (paperback)10/9/2018
1/4/2018 13:05:38A.M. Valenza A Faire EncounterAnthologyLess Than Three PressSmall press/indieUrban FantasyNoElectronic or e-book, Print (paperback)1/31/2018
1/5/2018 6:03:46William AlexanderNovel (40,000 and over)Simon & SchusterLarge pressFantasy, Middle GradeYesPrint (hardcover)8/7/2018
1/9/2018 4:52:21Lisa BradleyExileNovel (40,000 and over)Rosarium PublishingSmall press/indieFantasy, Science Fiction, HorrorNoElectronic or e-book, Print (paperback)11/6/2018
1/18/2018 18:41:15Brenda PeynadoWhat We LostShort story (1 to 7,500 words)The Sun MagazineMagazineMagic RealismNoPrint (paperback)1/1/2018