Silvia Moreno-Garcia | I Wrote a Novel and Now It’s On Sale
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I Wrote a Novel and Now It’s On Sale

So Signal to Noise is out today! The novel, published by Solaris, can be purchased via, Barnes&Noble, Chapters, Indiebound, Powell’s  or the store of your choice. In brief: music, magic, Mexico City.

The novel has been getting a lot of good reviews, so many I’m beginning to lose track of them. I’ve also been interviewed about it at several blogs and again, I’m starting to lose track.

Some people say:

“This charming literary fantasy will resonate for readers of all ages.” – Barnes&Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“Refreshing, lively and unique, Moreno-Garcia’s debut novel is a triumph.” – RT Book Reviews

Signal to Noise is an utterly gorgeous book, and will make you want to get out your old turntable and records and give them a spin or two (or three.) Don’t miss out on this one.” – My Bookish Ways

I am, of course, extremely pleased with this and hope the book can find an audience. If you’ve read the book please review it at Goodreads, Amazon or your blog. Please tell your friends about it. If you can’t buy it remember that you can ask your library to purchase it for you. My publisher is not one of the “big” ones so I need all the help I can get. Thanks!