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Free Stuff is Free

Cover by Oliver Wetter.

Cover by Oliver Wetter.

It’s a lively month. First off: Innsmouth Magazine: 14 (Wings) is on pre-sale, as is Bryan Thao Worra’s poetry collection Demonstra. I am still trying to sell copies of my mini-collection Other Lives. But, you probably came here for the free stuff.

And there is free stuff.

I have collected all the stories I published in 2013 (minus one) in a PDF and I’m offering it for people to read, gratis, with the understanding that it will be used to nominate or consider my stories for nomination of various and sundry awards, or be used to review my short fiction. If you want a copy, send me an e-mail. And please, don’t give it to other people.

Several of my books were recently pirated again, including Other Lives (it costs 4$!) and what sucks the most is that people will pirate and not even review the damn thing. Dinosaur porn has more reviews than my first collection. So, if you have a soul, please, review. Tell friends about it. I have 1.1 fans worldwide and my kids go through shoes like there’s no tomorrow.

My debut novel’s name has been fixed in stone. It is now called Signal to Noise (previously Sound Fidelity) and it is out next year from Solaris. I am now officially a client of Jabberwocky and my agent is Eddie Schneider.

I was interviewed at Quill and Quire about the zombie antho Dead North. They also reviewed the book. My collection got a nice review recently:

A whole new world of possibilities for speculative fiction is revealed in these pages, and there is a lot of life to be found in This Strange Way of Dying.

And that’s that.