Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Would You Like Some Tits With Your Guild
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Would You Like Some Tits With Your Guild

David Truesdale is circulating a petition.

It reads, in part:

The cover of the 200th issue of the Bulletin was part and parcel of the furor that has led to its suspension. Cries of “sexism,” portraying women as “sex objects,” and other like phrases reached the ears of the President and will now become part of the “review process” overseen by the new editor, “volunteers and an advisory board” and the President himself. Covers like the one shown here are not new. They have graced the covers of countless magazine and book covers for many decades. So have magazine and book covers featuring handsome, ripped and rugged males in various stages of dress, depending on the story and what the publisher hopes will appeal to his readership in order to advance sales. Yet there are those who object strenuously to a sexy female (scantily clad or otherwise) on the cover of anything, and always somewhere in the mix of reasons, primary among them is that women are being portrayed as sex objects and that such covers are blatantly sexist and therefore are to be avoided, or removed, or are otherwise to be castigated and held up to ridicule and scorn.

I have already done a cover count recently that shows nude or semi-nude men are not that common in romance fiction. With the numbers I crunched, they come to less than 10% of all romance covers.

So, fallacy: romance novels feature lots of semi-nude men, therefore it is okay for us to display semi-nude women.

Below is the 2010 Romance Writers Report.


We make fun of romance novelists but their organization seems capable of not pasting Fabio’s ass on the cover. Meanwhile, Truesdale is fighting for your right to have a badly painted chain-mail bikini Red Sonja wannabe.

What does Canadian Screenwriter Magazine, the publication of Writers Guild of Canada look like?

sized CanScreen-Vol15No3-COVER-sm

Below Written By, the publication of the Writers Guild of America, West.


What content are RWA members reading in their newsletter?

  • Digital self-publishing
  • An editor’s view of the digital transformation
  • A contract primer on territory rights.

What are the WGAers reading?

  • Differences between American and European screenwriters
  • Profiles on writers and their script development

You know why these publications don’t have sexy semi-naked people on the cover and nostalgic columns about the Golden Age?

Because these are serious publications from serious organizations doing serious work.

Truesdale, however, is fighting the good fight. Ensuring you get your dose of tits. Contract rights? Territories? All that stuff that is actually useful for a working writer? Who cares.

I’m not worried about censorship. I’m worried we are a joke.