Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Co-editor at The Dark
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Co-editor at The Dark

Some news today: I am joining the horror magazine The Dark as co-editor. I will begin working with Sean Wallace in October, with my first co-edited issue out in January. The Dark is a monthly semi-pro zine and I will be reading original fiction.

Guidelines are online. I am interested in fiction with a strong voice, which skews away from the status quo. POC writers are encouraged to submit. Only two original stories appear each issue, but I appreciate all your submissions. I have little interest in revenge porn (stories where the girlfriend is murdered because she is awful) or fiction that seeks to shock with loving depictions of graphic violence and no plot.

If you are interested in learning more about my editorial taste you can peruse any of the anthologies I have edited, including She Walks in Shadows. I also guest-edited the October issue of Nightmare, out soon. You can also read issues of The Dark online or purchase it for your e-reader.