Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Awards, Review Copies
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Awards, Review Copies

Notice: Innsmouth Magazine: 14 (Wings) is on pre-sale, as is Bryan Thao Worra’s poetry collection Demonstra. I am still trying to sell copies of my mini-collection Other Lives.

Okay, the meat of the argument. If you want to read, for review and/or award consideration purposes:

  • Any story I wrote and published in 2013
  • My debut collection This Strange Way of Dying
  • The Canadian zombie anthology I edited Dead North
  • The three issues of Innsmouth Magazine released this year
  • The poetry collection Demonstra, published by Innsmouth Free Press

Then e-mail me at indicating what stuff you want. Please note all (or almost all) this stuff is only available as a PDF, so if you want paper, you are out of luck.

Fresh from my sale to Solaris for my debut novel, Signal to Noise, here is a pinterest board inspired by that book:

And here’s a pinterest board for Man in the Blue Overcoat, which should be, if things work right, my third novel: