Silvia Moreno-Garcia | Award Eligibility Post
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Award Eligibility Post

I don’t normally do these kinds of posts, but this is a weird year. The most straightforward info is that my novel The Beautiful Ones, published this October, is a novel of manners with telekinesis, and therefore qualifies for any romance and fantasy categories.

Then there’s my novella Prime Meridian. It has an official publication of December 1, 2017. It won’t be on sale on Amazon or B&N until July 2018. Why? Because it was funded through an Indiegogo. I promised backers they would get first dibs, so to speak, hence it’s not for sale until July.

Award criteria varies. Prime Meridian should, I think, count as a 2017 publication. After all, it will have been purchased and read by more than 200 people (plus however many reviewers on Netgalley read it). I guess I’ll find out if it doesn’t.

I also published a short story in Nightmare magazine, but what you need to remember right now is: Prime Meridian’s publication date is in 2017.

If you liked The Beautiful Ones feel free to vote that into something, talk about it, review it or  convince your friends to buy it.