Silvia Moreno-Garcia | An Experiment in Other Lives
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An Experiment in Other Lives

otherlivesToday I’ve released Other Lives, a brief collection of short stories (three to be exact, tallying around 15,000 words). So what is this collection? It’s an experiment.

Usually, the way writers get to sell their backlist is by either selling a collection or selling stories piece by piece to reprint anthologies. Sometimes the odd podcast that pays. Can we do it other way? Writers have tried to sell individual stories, but can a mini-collection work? How much can it make? Is it worth putting it out only on Amazon, on Amazon and other stores? Is it worth doing a print chapbook using Lightning Source or another POD? These are questions I want answered. I’ll report on my progress, for sure.

Why am I doing this experiment? I have a collection with a traditional publisher out right now, after all. You’d think I don’t need to self publish. I don’t, but the question is can it be more profitable for me to self-publish my short stories than to resell them? Or even launch an original collection by myself than through a publisher? My hypothesis is that it is worth doing mini-collections of reprints, but not worth doing a longer collection or a collection of originals. That in the end, for longer collections and original material it is best to stick to traditional publishers, albeit medium-sized ones with a good distribution system.

If you are interested in Other Lives, it’s only available as a e-book from Amazon right now. However, if I get 20 request to offer it in print, I’ll arrange for a print chapbook. You can leave your request in a comment or e-mail me. As you probably know by now, if I put together a print chapbook it will be a decent looking product.

Here’s the blurb for Other Lives:

Other Lives collects three short stories set in secondary worlds by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. In “Mirror Life,” the beautiful Miranda hopes for a marriage to a rich nobleman, but a dark secret threatens her happiness. “King of Sand and Stormy Seas” focuses on a mercenary recently returned home. “Salt” tells the story of a young woman who has lost her magic powers.

Moreno-Garcia’s tales usually utilize Latin American settings and folklore. Other Lives therefore offers a glimpse at a different kind of tale.

If you are interested in my traditionally published short fiction (as in, published by a press rather than myself) and my Latin American stories, you can buy This Strange Way of Dying.