Silvia Moreno-Garcia | All You Need is Edge of Tomorrow
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All You Need is Edge of Tomorrow

Hey, are you a science fiction fan? Then go see The Edge of Tomorrow. If you don’t, then don’t complain when it tanks and the studios keep making shit like Transformers 15. Because Edge is really good action science fiction but a lot of people are still whining Tom Cruise stars in it. Get over it. Or don’t, and then accept that the studios only crank out stupid, boring, or careless flicks because so-called fans can’t bother to pick up their asses and pay for quality movies.

Described in the media as Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers, it’s more like Groundhog meets Aliens II in the sense that you get a lot of great action sequences, good direction and there’s a time loop. The movie takes the best elements of the novel it is based on, All You Need is Kill, and weaves its own narrative. So, it’s not a shot by shot adaptation. Which is fine. Blade Runner was not a case of source fidelity and it worked just fine. All You Need is Kill is a quick, efficient book with a lot of action scenes but it is not without its faults, mainly in the ending and a romance that will make you cringe. Edge manages to avoid those pitfalls. With a script that assumes its audience has a modicum of intelligence, it speeds along at a great pace. It doesn’t hurt that it looks great, either, with its mecha suits and explosions.

Emily Blunt, who I never pictured in this role, is just fantastic as the tough, efficient Rita. Many action films give us a half-hearted attempt at a bad-ass heroine. You know, girl in high-heels with a gun who crumbles at the smallest obstacle while the guy rescues her from harm. Well, Rita is an authentic bad-ass. The Full Metal Bitch is metal and is bitch, and it’s glorious to see her in action. If you hate Cruise, you’ll be glad to know she shoots him repeatedly. Also: she’s not there just to be a love interest. A lot of people were like OMG Pacific Rim had a really good female character. Well, this is an awesome female character and she can run rings around Pacific Rim.

And about Cruise, which is the reason many of you are bitching about this movie: he works in the role. He starts out as a coward who couldn’t kill an alien if it was wrapped in cellophane and delivered to his door, and turns into a man of action, a hero, we can root for. And that’s the important thing. I rooted for Blunt and Cruise. You know how hard it is for me to root for anyone? Heck, I’ve been watching science fiction movies since I was wee high and I’ve watched it all: big and small films, oldies, independents, American films and the international releases, art house fare. I root for almost no fuckers. But I rooted for these people.

Well played, Edge. Well, played.

In conclusion: go watch the movie. The new edition of the book with a cover to match the release of the flick is also on sale and worth reading. My friends who like action scifi have been very pleased with it when I recommended it. It also couldn’t hurt giving Sakurazaka, author of the book, some money. You know, #diversebooks and all that.