Silvia Moreno-Garcia | All the Lovecrafts
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All the Lovecrafts

Next week I’ll be at the Lovecraft Film Fest.  I proposed two panel topics and they were approved. The panels are:

I’m very happy to be moderating both, especially the first one as my thesis (I am completing my Master’s of Science and Technology Studies) will probably be on eugenics and Lovecraft. So there you go.

When I was considering the Diversity and Lovecraftiana panel I was merely thinking of women, the idea sparked by The She Walks in Shadows anthology I’ll be working on as a co-editor.

I hope people show up for the panels and that we have a nice time dissecting these topics. I’m often asked why I can be interested in Lovecraftiana as a woman of colour, but I live for moments like this.

I’ll also be on some other stuff and at some of the social events (dinners, etc). Say hi. I’m always happy to meet new people.

If you have a question you think I should ask at either panel, let me know via the comments, social media or e-mail.