Silvia Moreno-Garcia | 2014 SpecFic Colloquium
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2014 SpecFic Colloquium

Good news/bad news post! The Chiaroscuro Workshop and Reading Series has invited me, in the capacity of a keynote speaker and guest lecturer, to the 2014 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium. The conference will be held on March 1, 2014, at the ROUND venue in Toronto. The theme will be “Unnatural Histories.” I’ll also be speaking at other venues around that time, including the Cat Sass Reading Series in Norwood and the Rowers Pub series in Toronto.

IF I can make it to Toronto. You see, plane tickets to Toronto from Vancouver are quite expensive and I need about $1,200 to make the trip there. The SpecFic Colloquim offers an honorarium of $200, but the flight alone is about $700 and I will need somewhere to stay, some food, and some transportation money. There are no grants available for me to travel. Con or Bust only funds attendance to conventions by POCs and the Canadian Arts Council is restrictive in the kinds of traveling it will fund. The World SF Travel Fund focuses on conventions and will likely be funding someone to attend World Fantasy Con in Washington, D.C.

What to do, then? I’m hoping I can gather some money through GoFundMe:

I don’t travel much because my economical situation doesn’t allow it very often. But I would like to attend this event. I think I can provide a different and diverse perspective, being a ‘lady’ writer and editor. An immigrant. A POC. A duck on Twitter.

This would be a great chance for me. I hope you can help make it happen.