Oh, Bulletin

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I’m feeling too depressed to make a coherent post about the SFWA shenanigans (and I’m not even a member anymore!). [If you have no idea what I’m talking about, scroll to the bottom of Radish Reviews to see what I mean. Or read this post.]

So, instead, I’m going to put it in pictures.

This is a recent cover of the Bulletin. It has the typical babe in armour of the 80s. It is so retro, when I got that issue I wondered if I had gone back in time. Forget about cheesecake and all that, just as romance covers evolved from the “clinch” into covers like the 50 Shades of Gray which features not a Fabio in sight, most fantasy covers these days go for another look. So why did we do the retro dance for the 200th issue? I have no idea.


I get the appeal of the sword and sorcery cover, with a warrior fighting or about to fight something, but for an official magazine of a professional writers association couldn’t we get, I dunno, something a bit more modern? More here and now? Less babes and chain mail?

If you think there is possibly no FREAKING WAY you can get a woman doing the sword and sorcery bit without putting her in a swimsuit, below is the cover of the upcoming Sword and Mythos, which I am editing with Paula R. Stiles. (But let’s pause for a second, first). How did I get my lady warrior (sarcasm) into a proper suit of armour?

In the brief I told the painter what I wanted. I said no chain mail and boobies.

Because this was a general consumption antho, not a sexy lady calendar. Had it been a sexy lady calendar, well, different venue, no?

In their latest Bulletin rant, Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg insist, among other things, that they appeared on an issue with a Warrior Woman on the cover. They lie. This is a Warrior Woman:


Art by Nacho Molina Parra.

They appeared in an issue with Sexy Cheesecake Lady. If they can’t tell the difference, maybe that explains a LOT.

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