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Certain Dark Things


Coming October 2016

Certain Dark Things combines elements of Latin American mythology with a literary voice that leads readers on an exhilarating and fast-paced journey.

Welcome to Mexico City, an oasis in a sea of vampires. Here in the city, heavily policed to keep the creatures of the night at bay, Domingo is another trash-picking street kid, just hoping to make enough to survive. Then he meets Atl, the descendant of Aztec blood drinkers. Domingo is smitten. He clings to her like a barnacle until Atl relents and decides to let him stick around.

But Atl’s problems, Nick and Rodrigo, have come to find her. When they start to raise the body count in the city, it attracts the attention of police officers, local crime bosses, and the vampire community. Atl has to get out before Mexico City is upended, and her with it.

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Praise for Signal to Noise

“Haunting and beautifully nuanced, Signal to Noise is a magical first novel.” The Guardian

“Plenty of books use magic to talk about coming-of-age stories and the secrets that people bury… but few of them are as sad, or as evocative, as Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s new novel Signal to Noise.” io9

“Vibrantly new… one of the most important fantasy debuts of the year.” Locus

“Numerous ’80s musical references make this unusual story a welcome blast from the past.”  Publisher’s Weekly

Notable mentions

  • 2016 British Fantasy Award finalist
  • 2016 Locus Award finalist
  • 2016 Sunburst Award nominee
  • 2016 Aurora Award finalist
  • Finalist for RT Book Awards 2015
  • Buzzfeed: The 32 Best Fantasy Books Of 2015
  • Book Riot: 13 of the Best Books of 2015 You Might Have Missed
  • io9: The Very Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Of 2015
  •’s Best Books of 2015
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Locus Loser

I made the trek to Seattle, but Signal to Noise did not win a Locus Award. However, my second time in Seattle was much better than the first, when I got food poisoning. Hurray for improvements and the availability of chocolate cake at the parties.......

Review: Warcraft

This post is sponsored by Patreon. Give me your money. I’ve seen Warcraft and it’s a bad, bad movie. Not that this matters. It has already broken records in China, ensuring movies with no proper plot continue to be made, and promising much more whiteness......

2 for 1 this week

It’s 2 for 1 this week as Signal to Noise was nominated for a British Fantasy Society Award and long-listed for a Sunburst Award. My story, “Lacrimosa,” published in Nightmare, is also nominated for the short story category of the Sunburst. This means Signal to......


This post is sponsored by Patreon. Give me your money. I like Ballard and I loved the High-Rise poster, so it is no wonder instead of heading to X-Men, I went to see this movie at the VIFF. It was not as awesome as I......

Mexican Science Fiction

I normally don’t write in Spanish, but a while back Federico Schaffler told me he was putting together a Mexican science fiction anthology and asked me if I’d translate a story for it. I translated “Kaleidoscope” (AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, January 2014)......

Remakes, reimagining and revolt

The Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise action movie Knight and Day was remade for the Indian market as Bang! Bang! (a much better title, I’d say). What Women Want was made in Chinese, with Gong Li in a lead role. The American Western Unforgiven, originally......